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After about 8 years selling on Ebay, selling smaller items we have seen the new leadership to leave the small and rural sellers behind.

They have catered to the large retailers and shunned the people that brought them where they are with the listing fees raising, the store subscriptions increase and also the final value fee percentage. Not to mention the outside advertising they put on all pages that compete directly with the customers from the products we pay, to list away to ads they are paid to have customers click from us!

With their latest increases we have now had the small profit we make eaten up by the new fees. The small seller cannot continue and Ebay says "go away". They no longer care about the small guy or the unique items that made them who they are now.

With this in mind we decided we would offer a new auction site that will do what we expect from a site that is fair to the seller and would keep the prices down to give buyers the deals that keep them coming back and buy again.

We offer zero listing fees and no final value fees. The fees we charge are only for additional extras when listing an item (BOLD LISTING, HIGHLIGHTED LISTING, CATEGORY FEATURED LISTING and HOME PAGE FEATURED LISTING).

This site has been created by ex-Ebay sellers for current Ebay sellers to show them a cheaper way of selling online.
We can make this site to be better than Ebay! But only with your help. Browse our site, see the fees section and register. It is free. Start your listings and you will not have to pay anything until you decide you want to make your products to be more "stand out".

And please tell everyone about us.
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