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Auctionquests eBay alternative online auctions now has Pinterest buttons! This functionality is a first for the online auction industry. Now, once you see an auction image you like, you need only click the Pin It button and it gets sent directly to your Pinterest board. No ebay alternate Website has this feature. Nor does eBay (yet...)

How To Pin An Image

It's easy. Once you see a listing you like, just click it and go down to the image gallery. It's just below the Description part; it's entitled Auction Images. Therein, you'll see the gallery. Each image has a Pinterest Pin It button just below it.

Just click the button, and Pinterest's Pin It window will pop up. The description, as lifted from the auction title, will already be filled in for you. You can edit it as you please; you can also select the board you want to pin it to.

Once those tweaks are looked after, just hit Pin It and it's up on Pinterest!

A First In The Industry

Pinterest has come out of nowhere to be the hottest thing since Twitter. Until now, no online auction Website has integrated its listings into Pinterest's huge and growing community.

Auctionquests has set the standard. No wonder it's the Best Ebay Alternative Online Auctions Website!

And all you have to do to join in is head back to the home page, find a listing you like and Pin It!

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